Deserving Causes

Supporting NHS staff and volunteers

We work with thousands of charities in the UK

Help us support our UK charities:

Macmillan Cancer SupportBritish Heart Foundation,  Demelza Hospice Care for ChildrenRNLI Lifeboats, Alzheimer’s Research UK,  British Red Cross, St. John Ambulance,  Guide Dogs,  Help for Heroes,  RSPCA,  WWF,  Samaritans,  NSPCC 

red cross

The Red Cross

Helping everyone together

demelza hospice

Seriously ill Children

Support seriously ill children



Risking their lives for you


Endangered Animals

Help save the animals at risk of becoming extinct, and no longer being with us. 


Animal Cruelty

Help save and care for the  animals that can not care for themselves.


Australian Bush Fires

At least 1.25 billion animals have perished and around 2,700 homes destroyed.

children in need

Children's Hospice

Help those who do not have a long life, to have a happier life
blind children

Blind Children

Children should enjoy what we see.



Cancer, affecting children.