Can I set up a fundraising page for myself ?

Yes, an individual may raise money for any cause or project they choose. Click Here

Can I raise money for more than one deserving cause or charity ?

Yes but you will need to have  separate fundraising pages.

Am I limited to a specific time period to raise money for my cause or charity ?

We have found the majority of causes benefit if the period is relatively short, between one and two months.

How does the money I’ve raised get to the deserving cause or charity ?

The donations are sent direct to the charity you are raising money for or bank account, when fundraising has closed.

Do I have to have a target sum for my cause or charity ?

No, but choosing a target will almost certainly raise a larger response from those donating. Make sure your target amount is achievable, it always looks better than not achieving your target goal.

What happens if
I don't reach
my target ?

You or your charity will receive funds pledged on your project regardless of whether you reach your target or not.

What fees am I liable to pay ?

We keep our Fees as low as possible and in so doing have a sliding scale. Unlike other platforms, we will negotiate fees for larger fundraisers.