Running For Charity

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Running for Charity
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Running For Charity

We know the huge commitment you are taking and wish to help you as much as we can, with a free pair of running shoes of your choice and we will put you in touch with a qualified running coach, to help your cause succeed. The average amount raised via crowfunding is £5348

Donating4u offer runners the choice to run for any charity in the UK, running in any event or distance.

Donating4u offer the opportunity to raise as much or as little as you wish for any charity, group, individual or yourself. Any money donated to your fundraiser will go directly to the deserving cause of your choice, whether you finish the event or not.

Before deciding to enter a Marathon, you may wish to consider the advice of a running coach, we have qualified coaches here, just waiting to help.

Donating4u will be on hand to keep you on track with a range of support, from comprehensive training plans and advice on fundraising and sponsorship targeting. 

Donating4u offer a pair of running shoes, of your choice, no other charity of fundraiser offers this much support for runners.  You’ll be surprised how much the crowd can keep you going, when the mind is willing but the body is tired.

Donating4u appreciate your commitment, that is why we give you our support and commitment, let’s succeed together.

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You’re running can save a charity

Many charities depend upon your donations to survive. The money you raise will go 100% to your charity.

Your Achievement

Beyond the sense of achievement that you will get from finishing a race, running on behalf of a charity will give you the strength to complete your event.

Gives you motivation to train

Knowing you are running for a deserving cause keeps your training on track, on those cold and often wet days.

Personal reasons

Personal reasons often motivate people to raise money for charity with support from friends and family.

Raise Awareness

High profile events such as 10km, can have thousands of spectators as well as the potential for live television coverage.

Running gets you fit

Provided you train properly, you will be fitter than you’ve been in some time, potentially the whole of your life.